Reviewing welding procedures developed based on ASME Sec IX-2023 for CSA Z662-2023 applications, Appreciation

All welding variables that need to be considered for approving an ASME IX WPS for a CSA Z662 application will be discussed in detail.

  1. What to consider when reviewing a WPS and its PQRs as standalone document (based on ASME Sec IX-2023)
  2. CSA Z662-2023 requirements for using welding procedure specifications that are established and qualified in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX-2023
  3. Reviewing CSA Z662(2023), welding variables
  4. Discussing equivalent ASME P and group numbers for CSA 245.1-2022 piping materials
  5. Review a flowchart, explaining WPS/PQR review stepwise (the hard copy of this flowchart will be shared with attendees)
  • Outcomes: Certificate of completion will be provided to attendees
  • Course fee details: 400.00 CAD
  • How to register for course: For registration please contact